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Murashima Airport Consultant

We are a global leader in Airport Consulting, embracing the highest standards of safety, security, customer service, operational excellence, and business ethics.

Our main objective is the development of new airports including:

  • planning to build new facilities
  • enlargement of current facilities such as runways and passenger terminals

Our job is divided into three basic stages:

  • Stage 1 - Assist and advise on development of master plan
  • Stage 2 - Coordinate activities on construction of new airport or substantial change of existing airport facilities
  • Stage 3 - Assist and advise in airport management after completion

We have full experience on such jobs, including Chinese staff and former general manager for Japan Airlines in Beijing & Shanghai. There is no language barrier between us.
Furthermore, we have full knowledge of international standards for airports, such as those of ICAO, IATA & ACI. But the most important point may be that we share the same Asian faces and feelings. Is it possible for non-Asian consultants to fully appreciate our Asian way of doing things including group travel?

We sincerely hope that we can have a mutually understandable and beneficial relationship.

Thank you,

Shohei Murashima
Chief Representative & CEO
Murashima Airport Consultant

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